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May 19, 2021
Reference points for choosing a camping chair: the weight of the chair, storage volume, ease of assembly, load-bearing, height of the stool surface, backrest with or without armrests. If you are camping on a self-driving car, you will be less concerned about the weight of the chair, and more comfortable.

What should a comfortable chair look like? Generally, the seat is about forty centimeters away from the ground (almost the distance from the bottom of the foot to the knee). The feet can be placed flat on the ground, which is convenient for people to stand up and sit down. There are armrests and the backrest is slightly tilted back. Sometimes the camping chair is deliberately designed to be lower, so that people can sit down and stretch their legs. This kind of recliner-like design is to let you relax. Naturally, it is not convenient for people to stand up or sit down to do things from time to time.

A camping chair with ultra-light weight and simple assembly:
If you are traveling on foot, you will naturally tend to store camping chairs that are small in size, good in load-bearing capacity, and light in weight. Such chairs usually require simple assembly. Because of its light weight and low stool surface, this type of chair is not easy to stand up when sitting down, so you need to consider the size of the chair when you buy it.
Armrest chair:
The most common campsite is this four-legged chair that can be directly opened and put away, with armrests and backrests. This type of chair is generally very cost-effective. You can carefully refer to the weight, storage volume, unfolded size, fabric and color of each style to choose the most suitable one.
Small bench:
The small bench has its own flexibility, portability, and ease of operation. Of course, everyone is ready to sacrifice comfort. We always like to bring one or two when we go camping, which is convenient for cooking and can be used as bedside table at night.

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