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What is the use time of N95 mask related to

2017-03-21 00:00:00

The service life of N95 masks is related to the surrounding environment and storage methods, as well as personal feelings. The dust capacity of the mask also determines the service life of the N95 mask. When it is found that the parts of the mask are damaged or the breath is not smooth when wearing the mask, the N95 mask will reach the final service life. In addition, the manufacturer of the mask will also indicate the number and time of use of the mask, which will be explained generally, and also indicate whether the mask can be reused. The same mask should only be worn by one person and not more than five times. The reuse of N95 mask may increase the risk of use. The N95 mask should be stored in a dry place every day. When an individual feels that wearing it for a long time causes the mask to be too tight or has the feeling of suffocation, he should also take off the mask to breathe.