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Production technology of LSR mask silicone pad for ventilator

2017-02-26 00:00:00

Ventilator is currently one of the hottest medical products. It can be divided into two types: medical and household. The ventilator is generally composed of the main machine, air oxygen mixer, air source, humidifier and external pipeline. The external pipeline includes breathing mask, oxygen delivery pipe, other air valve accessories and other equipment.

The respirator mask silicone pad is mainly used on the respirator oxygen mask. Its material is medical grade LSR liquid silicone, which has the advantages and characteristics of soft skin, close fit to the face, medical grade, food grade raw material, etc.

Medical grade silica gel products are made by high-precision LSR cold runner injection molding technology, by heating high-precision mold with colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and environmental friendly liquid silica gel AB two-component silica gel. The precision of liquid silica gel mold can reach ± 0.01mm.

The LSR mask silicone pad of the ventilator is made of liquid silicone. Its comfort and shore hardness can reach the same softness (0-20 shore hardness) as the skin. Its appearance and fit can be designed and manufactured according to the human face engineering. The production of medical respirator mask silica gel pad requires high production environment and enterprise qualification. The basic requirements are to reach the medical grade dust-free workshop (100000 grade dust-free workshop), the implementation standard of medical quality system ISO13485, and the production raw materials meet the FDA international certification standards and other product quality and production qualification related certification.